Madison Campbell

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Madison Campbell is a visionary leader, advocate, and entrepreneur dedicated to revolutionizing healthcare and championing the rights of survivors. As the CEO of Leda Health and the founder of the SURVIVOR PAC, she has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to advancing the well-being of individuals, particularly survivors of sexual assault and intimate partner violence.

Madison’s journey as a changemaker began with her deep empathy for survivors and a profound desire to make a difference. With a background in bioinformatics and molecular biology, she recognized the dire need for innovative solutions to address the shortcomings in sexual assault evidence collection and reporting. In response to this need, Madison co-founded Leda Health, a groundbreaking company that pioneers at-home, survivor-centric forensic evidence collection kits. Her work at Leda Health has not only revolutionized the healthcare industry but has also empowered survivors to take control of their own narratives and seek justice.

In addition to her role at Leda Health, Madison Campbell is the passionate force behind the SURVIVOR PAC. This non-profit political action committee, founded by Madison, is dedicated to advancing survivor rights and combating sexual violence on a broader scale. Through advocacy, policy reform, and public awareness campaigns, the SURVIVOR PAC is instrumental in pushing for meaningful change and justice for survivors worldwide.

Madison’s dedication to her mission is both personal and unwavering. As a survivor herself, she understands the trauma and challenges survivors face, driving her tireless efforts to create a world where survivors are not only heard but also empowered. Her personal experience, along with her extensive knowledge of legislators in multiple states, has shaped her approach to supporting candidates who will stand up for the underdog.

Under Madison’s leadership, Leda Health and the SURVIVOR PAC have become instrumental forces for change, transforming the way society responds to sexual violence and survivor care. She has also raised nearly 10 million dollars for Leda Health, a testament to the support and trust she has garnered in her quest for justice and empowerment.

Madison Campbell’s remarkable journey as a CEO and founder is characterized by her unyielding commitment to justice, innovation, and the well-being of survivors. Her work serves as an inspiration to all those who share her vision for a world free from sexual violence and filled with compassion, empowerment, and hope. She is a proud Pittsburgh native and a former Miss Pittsburgh, further demonstrating her dedication to her community and her mission.