About Us

Our Mission

Survivor PAC, led by its founder Madison Campbell, is committed to supporting candidates and policies that fight to protect citizens from victims of crime and work to support survivors.

We believe that every citizen in every community deserves to be safe, secure, and supported. Over the last decade, we’ve seen politicians sitting idle as waves of crime ravage communities throughout our country. This cannot continue and we will work to support candidates who believe in our core principles:

  • Punish criminals
  • Fund innovative public safety efforts that support survivors
  • Use technology to help victims of crime 
  • Support victims of sexual assault
  • Address the growing threat of religious hate crimes
Who We Are


Established in 2023 under the leadership of Leda Health CEO Madison Campbell, SURVIVOR PAC is a political action committee rooted in a fundamental belief that every individual, irrespective of their circumstances, should be free from the threat of violent crime. Our mission encompasses the following principles:

Punish Criminals: We advocate for policies and candidates who prioritize holding wrongdoers accountable for their actions. There is no excuse for politicians and judges to allow repeat violent offenders to walk the streets, terrorizing local communities.

Innovative Support for Crime Victims: We champion the use of innovative technologies and strategies, underpinned by our incredibly data-centric approach, to assist and empower victims of crime.

Support Sexual Assault Survivors: Countless men and women who have survived sexual assault feel stifled and silenced. Our current political process does not focus heavily enough on their needs and rights. That needs to change, we need to place them at the heart of addressing sexual assault crimes.

Address the Threat of Religious Hate Crimes: Crimes against Jewish Americans have been on the rise for months before the terrorist attacks that occurred in Israel on October 7th. Jewish Americans are under a unique threat in this country and therefore need politicians willing to stand up and say they will not standby and let hate manifest in our country.

We invite you to join our cause and be a catalyst for the change we strive for. Your support, whether through contributions, volunteering, or raising awareness, is vital in realizing our mission to safeguard and protect survivors of crime and eradicate violence.