About Us

Our Mission

Survivor PAC, led by its founder Madison Campbell, is committed to supporting candidates and policies guided by four core principles. These include holding perpetrators accountable for their actions, advocating for innovative technologies to aid crime victims, prioritizing the rights and needs of sexual assault survivors, and standing against hate crimes targeting the Jewish community. This organization strives to make a positive impact by endorsing initiatives that align with these principles.

Who We Are


Established in 2023 under the leadership of Leda Health CEO Madison Campbell, SURVIVOR PAC is a political action committee rooted in a fundamental belief that every individual, irrespective of their circumstances, should be free from violence and hate-speech. Our mission encompasses the following principles:

Accountability for Perpetrators: We advocate for policies and candidates who prioritize holding wrongdoers accountable for their actions, guided not only by data but also by direct engagement with constituents to understand their priorities amidst rising crime rates.

Innovative Support for Crime Victims: We champion the use of innovative technologies and strategies, underpinned by our incredibly data-centric approach, to assist and empower victims of crime. We also heavily rely on polling and listening to constituents to ensure our support aligns with the needs of our communities.

Prioritizing Sexual Assault Survivors: Our focus is on supporting candidates and policies that center the needs and rights of sexual assault survivors, placing them at the heart of decision-making processes, which are shaped by valuable feedback from constituents affected by rising crime.

Combating Hate Crimes against the Jewish Community: SURVIVOR PAC stands resolutely against hate crimes targeting the Jewish community, endorsing candidates and policies committed to countering anti-Semitism and hate crimes against Jewish individuals and institutions, with the guidance of data and constituent input.

We invite you to join our cause and be a catalyst for the change we strive for. Your support, whether through contributions, volunteering, or raising awareness, is vital in realizing our mission to safeguard survivors globally, eradicate violence, and provide unwavering support to survivors of crime. Together, with our data-centric and constituent-focused approach, we can forge a world where the suffering caused by violence is replaced by healing, hope, and humanity.