62% Of Maryland Voters Say Early Evidence Kits Should Be Accessible In Maryland

BALTIMORE, MD — Leda Health and SURVIVORPAC have conducted an official survey with voters of Maryland, partnered with Embold Research, on Maryland’s support of early evidence kits. Early evidence kits are self-administered collection kits that allow survivors of rape and sexual assault to collect their own evidence. 

Leda Health is one of the largest creators of early evidence kits.

Key findings in this survey suggest that accessibility to early evidence kits is a bipartisan issue in Maryland with overwhelming support. 62% of voters support having kits available and accessible in the state.

69% of respondents agree that these kits would shift control back into the hands of the survivor. Furthermore, 67% agree that early evidence kits enable early action, which is a significant factor in supporting sexual assault victims. 

“These numbers significantly indicate that people support survivors gaining back their bodily autonomy immediately after an assault,” said Leda COO Sean Bogle. “As I work with communities of color in Baltimore – I see this polling come to life. Survivors want the trust of their politicians to collect their own evidence, and their friends want to support them.” 

“Supporting survivors is clearly a bipartisan issue among voters, and it is time for our elected officials to understand that they should be backing the people who vote them into office. They should be supporting the survivors of sexual assault, as that clearly aligns with the values that their people hold,” Leda Health’s CEO and Founder, Madison Campbell, stated. 

The full poll results can be found here. 

Public Release | Leda Health | Maryland Poll Debrief | Sept 2023


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